Romantic Knights

The romantic knight knows there is more to love than physicality (Chaste), and is forgiving of their partner’s faults (Forgiving) as well as confident that their love will stand the test of time (Trusting). They know that romance should never be denied (Honest), but that you must also understand the importance of discretion (Prudent). Finally, although they give their heart to only oner person, they are willing to spread the news of Love to everyone (Generous).

A Romantic Knight requires 80 points from Chaste, Forgiving, Generous Honest, Just, and Trusting. However, due to the importance of devotion to a person if you have a notable Love or Amour passion for a PERSON (not a family), or Adoration (Ladies) you may substitute that for any one score. If you don’t have one then this won’t benefit you.

Benefits: Once per session, you can re-roll a roll that you have inspired with a Love or Amour passion (excluding Love Family), or with Adoration (Ladies).

Glory: 100 glory per year.

NOTE: A Romantic Knight cannot also be Religious

Romantic Knights

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