Siege Perilous


The great Round Table of Britain contains 150 seats for the finest knights in the land, joined in brotherhood to High King Arthur Pendragon. These seats have a plaque with gold writing on the back to identify who should sit at that seat, and if a seat is unoccupied the seat is blank.

There is one seat that is special however – the Siege Perilous! That seat has the words Siege Perilous written on it, which stands for “Seat of Danger”. Merlin the Magician says that it was destined for the best knight in Britain, and will tolerate no other knight can sit in it.

At the Round Table’s inauguration, Sir Aelia attempted to sit in the chair, but was engulfed in flame – proving Merlin’s incredibly dangerous point.

Seating History

Year 514

  • Sir Aelia – Sat in the Siege Perilous for 0.3 seconds before bursting into flame.

Siege Perilous

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