Spousal Solos

Every year, level up your spouse as you would your Player Knight. This should only be done if you haven’t played your Spouse during the previous game year of course. The steps for a Spouse Solo are as follows.

1 – Roll a d6 and get the appropriate number of checks in your skills.


2 – Roll your skill checks as appropriate

Remember the rules: Roll whatever you have checked. If you roll over the skill (e.g. fail the roll) then it goes up by one. If your skill is 20 or higher, rolling a natural 20 counts as giving it one more point.

3 – Training and Practice

You select one of the following options as normal.

  1. Roll 1d6+1 and add that many skill points into any skill you want, provided you raise no skill above 15
  2. Add 1 point to any Skill, Trait or Passion provided you do not raise them above 19
  3. If you are 35 or under, add 1 point to any non-SIZ characteristic.

4 – Industry Roll

Make your yearly Industry roll.

  • Critical: Gain 2 Libre
  • Success: Gain 1 Libre
  • Fumble: Lose 1 Libre

Spousal Solos

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