Standards of Maintenance


It costs money to maintain yourself! This is a discussion of all of the things that take up money for you, as well as how the different levels of maintenance will affect your life.

Mandatory Expenses

These are the breakdown of costs that a knight must pay for. Note that these are not optional as part of being a knight.

  • 1£ – Knight Maintenance
  • 1£ – Squire Maintenance
  • 1£ – Horse Maintenance

Optional Expenses

These expenses ARE optional, in that you might not need them. Once you are married however, they become essential. If you keep a mistress, you will have to double-up the cost of Wife/Children if you have legitimate children with the mistress

  • 1£ – Horse Herd Maintenance – Allows free replenishment of horses up to Chargers. Required if you are a landowning knight as this also applies for your vassals
  • 1£ – Wife/Steward Maintenance
  • 1£ – Children Maintenance – Oddly this does not increase with children.

Standards of Living

Once you’ve determined your “base” cost of living, now you determine what level you want to live at for that year. By default, it will be assumed you are living at Ordinary.

Income Modifier1/41/211.52.55
Childbirth Modifier- 15- 50+ 3+ 5+ 8
Horse Survival Modifier- 15- 30+ 1+ 2 + 4
Child Survival Modifiers- 15- 30+ 1+ 2 + 4

Other Effects

  • Living at Rich or above, grants you bonus Glory equal to the money spent that year.
  • Living at Impoverished results in your Armour decreasing by 1 point every year, and you lose 1 point of Honour automatically.

Standards of Maintenance

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