The Richmond Caverns


In the land of Malahaut, near Richmond Castle and under the protection of Duke Geoffery lies a small cavern. Inside these caverns, any knight may enter and face a series of challenges that they must face alone. The challenge is simply a series of 10 questions, represented by a branching path inside of the cave system. Upon walking all 10 paths, the knight is then judged and – currently – returned outside bereft of possessions.

A peculiar feature of this cave is that once you walk the paths, you are unable to discuss with another person the specifics of what happened to you in there. As a result, it is impossible to be sure whether or not everyone encountered the same tests or not, nor what the “correct” answer is. You do retain your full memory of the experience, but can only allude in non-specific terms, thus you could not tell people what to expect from the caves.

Duke Geoffery has extended an open invitation to any knight who wishes to take this challenge, and to house them afterwards. Due to the embarrassment of failure, and the delight that Malahaut knights take in such shame, it is rare to attempt this challenge without being observed and the subject to mockery upon failure.

Attempting the Quest

If a backup attempts the quest, they must give up their solo for that year. This requires travelling to Richmond Castle. You must perform a Courtesy roll with Duke Geoffery to attempt this. As long as you do not Fumble, you may perform the challenge.

  • Critical on the courtesy results in 20 Glory, and he conducts you to the caves in secret, forgoing the usual mockery for failing
  • Success results in 10 Glory, but you will be subject to mockery if you fail.
  • Failure results in you attempting the test, but you will be subject to mockery if you fail.
  • Fumble: You may not attempt the challenge

Failing the Quest

Leaving the Caves mid-question does not result in any loss of equipment, but a gain of 10 Glory. You may not re-attempt the challenge, nor speak of what you saw.

Trying and failing the Quest results in a gain of 50 Glory. For the mockery you suffer at their hands, you may make a [Modest/Proud] roll.

  • On a successful Modest roll, you can generate a Directed Trait of Suspicious (Malahaut) at 1d6+1.
  • On a successful Proud roll, you can generate a Hate (Malahaut) Passion of 4d6+1

Succeeding the Quest

No one has ever succeeded in this quest.

Questions posed

  1. Which would you rather be?
    • Famous
    • Rich
  2. What are you more afraid of?
    • A mighty warrior
    • Never leaving your progenitor’s shadow
  3. What would you rather have?
    • Food for your peasants
    • Glory for yourself
  4. What would you rather have?
    • Five unhealthy Lady children
    • One healthy Knight child
  5. What would you desire more?
    • Armour that cannot be sundered
    • A loving spouse to tend to your wounds
  6. Who would you rescue?
    • Your Dearest Love
    • Your Liege Lord
  7. Which would you rather be doing?
    • Hunting
    • Fighting
  8. Which do you prefer?
    • Good Food
    • Fine Clothes
  9. You would rather…
    • Hate many people
    • Love exactly one person
  10. Which is more noble?
    • An Eagle
    • A Lion


Year 487

Year 489

  • Sir Heddwyn – Failure

Year 507

Year 523

The Richmond Caverns

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