The Saga of the Burgher Family

Year 504 – Bob

The great Sir Aethswild, attending court, slighted Bob the Burgher, one of the lesser functionaries of Earl Roland of Salisbury. The brash burgher demanded an apology, which Sir Aethswild refused, and in a fit of pique, the burgher drew a knife and attempted to slay the knight. Amused more than anything, Sir Aethswild let the blow come – only to find it strike critically true, drawing a deep wound for she was without armour.

Finding her sword, the knight struck back in retaliation but overcompensated, allowing Bob to slip under her guard and deal another critical wound to the knight, nearly felling her on the spot. Finally she rallied and decapitated the man in a single blow, but it was still a harrowing experience. Touched by the man’s great combat prowess, she paid for a great funeral and honoured his family by the skill at arms… and thought the experience finished.

Year 511- Bill

Bill, son of Bob, trained with a sword to avenge his father, and in 511 hunted down Sir Aethswild in a challenge. Recognising it, she donned her armour but allowed young Bill to take the first swing, which was nimbly avoided. However the second strike was as fierce as Bill’s father, and drew a deep wound in Sir Aethswild. The large Saxon knight stood strong though, and killed Bill in her next pass.

Year 514 – Bryce

Sister to Bill, she was a sergeant and hunted down Sir Aethswild for the death of her brother and nephew. Ironically, though trained as a warrior, she put up the least resistance as Sir Aethswild – recognising how this would go – went all out on the first strike, felling her where she stood.

The Saga of the Burgher Family

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