The Thirteen Treasures of Britain


The Treasures of Britain do not include Excalibur, which belongs to all mankind. They all date back to when the Heathen Gods walked the land, and bestowed their gifts on the people who pleased them. Each have their own legend, and the precise location of which has been lost to time.

Dyrnwyn, the flaming sword, lost for centuries beneath the earth.
A hamper that feeds a hundred, a knife to serve twenty-four,
A chariot to carry a man on the wind,
A halter to tame any horse he might wish.
The cauldron of the Giant to test the brave,
A whetstone for deadly sharpened swords,
An entertaining chess set,
A crock and a dish, each to fill one’s every wish,
A cup that bestows immortality on those worthy of it,
And the mantle of Arthur.
His healing sword descends;
Our enemies flee our unseen and mighty champion.

1. Dyrnwyn, gleddyf Rhydderch Hael (White-Hilt, the Sword of Rhydderch the Generous)

If a deserving man draws it from its scabbard, it will burst into flame from hilt to tip. However if it is used for villainous or unjust purposes, the flames will consume the wielder.

2. Mwys Gwyddno Garanir (The Hamper of Gwyddno Long-Shank)

A magical hamper that is sometimes known as the “basket of plenty”. If food for one man was placed inside the hamper, and the lid closed, when next it was opened there would be enough food inside for a hundred men.

3. Korn Bran Galed o’r Gogledd (The Horn of Bran the Niggard from the North)

According to legend, this once belonged to Hercules and was carved from the head of a centaur that he slew. Any drink that the holder wishes for will be found inside.

4. Kar Morgan Mwynfawr (The Chariot of Morgan the Wealthy)

A Welsh chariot that is said to grant such speed to the horses saddled to it that they could travel anywhere on the British Isles in a single day.

5. Kebystr Klydno Eiddin (The Halter of Clydno Eiddyn)

A magical halter that is to be fixed to the bed. If the owner wishes for a horse as they fall asleep, when they wake up that horse will be inside the halter, and ready to serve them.

6. Kyllell Llawfrodedd Farchog (The Knife of Llawfrodedd the Horseman)

The first owner of this knife was a great hero in Welsh traditions. His generosity for his guests extended to his magical knife that, no matter how small the cut of meat, could always cut the meat so that it could feed 24 people. It is also said to be a superlative weapon on the battlefield.

7. Pair Dyrnwch Gawr (The Cauldron of Dyrnwch the Giant)

This cauldron belonged to the god Dyrnwch. It could rapidly boil any meat that was placed in it by a brave man, but would never boil for a coward.

8. Hogalen Tudwal Tutklyd (The Whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd)

Hailing from an ancient kingdom in the “Old North” of Britain, if a brave man sharpens his sword on the whetstone, then the next person struck by that stone would surely die. If the man who sharpened his stone was a coward, then their weapon would break on the first blow.

Retrieved by the knights of Britain in 520

9. Pais Badarn Beisrydd (The Coat of Padarn of the Scarlet Robe)

Rumoured to be of Roman origin, this red coat would perfectly fit a person of pure heart, regardless of their size. It would be of no use to a commoner.

10 & 11. Gren a desgyl Rhygenydd Ysgolhaig (The Crock and the Dish of Rhygenydd the Cleric)

A simple treasure set, whatever food the user wished for could be found inside of this set.

12. Llen Arthyr yng Nghernyw (The Mantle of Arthur in Cornwall)

This ring would allow the wearer to be hidden from sight, while also revealing to them anything that was hidden from them.

13. * Gwyddbwyll Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio (The Chess board of Gwenddolau son of Ceidio)*

A magical gameboard, the pieces of the opponent would be magically played with expert skill.

The Thirteen Treasures of Britain

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