The Tomb of Lanceor

Prince Lanceor, son of King Anguish of Ireland, came to Arthur’s court in support of the young king, but before he could be formally welcomed, he witnessed the murder of Nineve, Lady of the Lake at the hand of Sir Balin. Incensed, he begged the King’s permission to ride out and avenge this deed which was granted.

As he was still armed and armoued he rode off in close pursuit of Sir Balin, and his brother Sir Balan. He was followed by his amour, as well as Sir Tacitus, but fell upon the duo alone. He fought bravely, but was ultimately slain by the pair. Sir Tacitus attempted to council Lanceor’s love, but she killed herself out of grief at the sight of her love lying dead.

Prince Mark of Cornwall, who conveniently happened to be passing nearby, had also witnessed the duel and ordered his entourage to dismantle a nearby ruin in order to build a great tomb for the pair in order to honour their courage and love. That tomb bears the name of both who were buried there, but also a later hand wrote on it

And here shall fight the two greatest knights in the land

with a space underneath it for two names. None knows who wrote the inscription, nor who the two greatest knights shall be…

The Tomb of Lanceor

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