The Great Pendragon Campaign

In a mythical time of chaos for Britain, when the land was divided into many warring counties and barbarians roamed the lands pillaging the innocent where they could, one man rose up to unite the Kingdoms and rule over them as High King of the entire land. He created the institution of Knighthood – a class of warrior that stood above the common folk, swore to uphold oaths of honour and loyalty, and whose fighting prowess would be unmatched. These Knights would swear their loyalty to their Liege, who would in turn swear to their King, who would swear to the High King himself. Thus civilization and order slowly returned to the land, and Britain united to cast out its common foe.

The name of the High King was Aurelius Ambrosius.

And yet even he could not stand forever, and eventually Aurelius fell in combat, aided by the treachery of the duplicitous Saxons. In the aftermath, his brother Uther sought the throne of the High King, but was rebuffed by the Lords of Britain and remained merely the King of Logres. His ambition would not be rebuffed though, and he swore to rise to the position of ruler of the entire land. Aided by his companion, Merlin the Magician, he adopted a new title for this quest: Pendragon.

Uther embarked on a 15-year campaign to claim the High Kingship, and though at one point it seemed to be within his grasp, his lustful and arbitrary nature caused him to betray a close vassal, and it all slipped away. Realising his faults, he rallied himself to cast the Saxons from his land and start his quest anew – only to be cut down with his family at St. Albans, leaving the land of Britain without King or any significant leadership.

This is now a time without Lords or Loyalties, when once more barbarians surge across the land, and only the actions of brave and true knights may have the ability to stand up to the horrors of what’s coming. Fractured but resolute, the Knights face off against the rise of half a dozen Saxon kings, mercenaries ekeing out their own kingdoms, and British Lords turning on each other in the interim.

Merlin has left Britain to itself, and in his absence other step up to protect the lands and wait for the rise of a new High King. It is a race between the British and the Saxons to unite and defeat the other, once and for all. One seemed promising as King Nanteleod united much of the old Kingdom of Logres and seemed ready to drive the Saxons from Britain once and for all, before dishonourable deception struck him down.

Out of that tragedy though, the Lords of Britain came together to elect a new king in tournament, but instead it was an unknown squire named Arthur who drew the sword from the stone, and opened up a new era for Britain….

Pendragon: Chivalry is Magic

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